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Hier vind je alle nieuwtjes in verband met STRinGstruments WorXhop. Nieuwigheden, projecten, workshops, nieuwe installaties on infrastructuur…. de moeite om je regelmatig op de hoogte te houden. Ook de evenementen zoals opendeurdagen en andere activiteiten.



Interne WorXhops bij STRinGstruments

Bouw je eigen gitaar of ander instrument


strook healstring studenten

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Bouw een Simpelbas

simpelbas vrijstaand

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Externe WorXhops van STRinGstruments

Blitaar of BLIkgiTAAR

15 euro op de open atelier dag voor een zelfbouwpakketje BLITAAR, Doe het thuis zelf of vraag aan Daniel op te helpen op de open dag

BANJOLELE, bouwen en spelen



Opendeurdag 2018


Zondag 18 november 2018


STRinGstruments WorXhop infrastructuur

STRinGstruments WorXhop permanent in ontwikkeling …

Under Construxion

Verder wordt er hard gewerkt op verschillende fronten aan de optimalisering. Zo is de turbine voor de spuitcabine geïnstalleerd, een kanjer van een polijstmachine aangeschaft dat nog wat renovatie vergt, lintzaaglasmachine bemachtigd, perslucht- en vacuümciruits staan op stapel en voor centrale afzuiging van de grote machines zijn alle kanalen aangeschaft .

atelier werkers WXP news

Met dank aan de vaste WorXhop inrichters: Noud en Bram, die de laatste twee jaar alle werkbanken tot in de puntjes heeft gerestaureerd. Ook Dàniel heeft een hart voor de uitbreiding van het atelier en Bart was present voor de turbine van de spuitcabine.

Liefhebbers die interesse hebben om het atelier mee verder uit te bouwen zijn altijd welkom, ze genieten dan uiteraard van een aantal voordelen bij het gebruik van het atelier.

line leonardo

 Dag van de Ambachten
2  Open  Workshops on 1 location Sunday 27 novembre 10-17 u

STRinGstruments WorXhop
Mode-atelier KORNELIA

gastheer en gastdame Lieven en Kornelia Bonnaerens heten u allemaal welkom

As host and lady of we called everyone welcome, not just those interested and musicians, but also other instrument makers and people of instrument shop,s to find out what we can do in the future for them.

This year open STRinGstruments WorXhop and Fashion studio Kornelia not only their own workshops, but we also show some crafts that are related to one of our studio. In addition, there are plenty of activities so that it is to come into Reet on November 27 between 10 and 17 h. A lot to do so.

An overview

STRinGstruments WorXhop

An instrument making workshop where can go several builders to build their instruments. Both builders who build new, as people who are doing repairs are welcome to do their thing. Therefore, a visit also interesting for builders and tool shops to see what STRinGstruments WorXhop can do for them in the future.

atelier stringstruments worxhop
Atelier STRinGstruments WorXhop

The workshop is also multifunctional equipped so everything it can happen, the sawing of a tree trunk, drying the wood, design of new tools, planing, sanding, bending, turning, assembly, painting and ultimately professional photography for the leading instruments due to present, through natural play.

There are two tours planned of about 45-60 min.

tours starts at 11.00u en 15.00 u

Demonstrations instrument building


On the open atelierdag you see how instruments are made possible there are people at work. Most are currently being made guitars, but repairs and fine tuning done in all kinds of stringed instruments.

Luc Dendooven and Stef Princen demonstrations of technical testing instruments and components. Builders may bring comfortable sound wood or tools for acoustic testing and advice.

Marc Reymen, hurdy gurdy builder

Marc reymen, draailierbouwer uit Reet toont draailieren (foro Marc->Jef Wijckmans)

Marc Reymen, hurdy gurdy builder from Reet, will also be present to answer all your questions about this exceptional and complex instrument. Hurdy-gurdy players are hereby invited.

Guest luthier Johannes Roeder


As a guest of this year, Johannes Roeder,  Lutheria from Mortsel to visit with some of its range instruments.

Indian Native Flutes


Bie Appels come from Yellow to here with her “Indian Native Flutes”, wooden flutes consisting of 2 separate rooms, like the Indians of North America they made. It shows not only how to make the sound mechanism and how the flutes be voted but also gives workshops about 30 minutes to learn to play them. Do you want?

See you at 11.30 u. and/or 14.30 u.
On request you when you come with a group of min. 5 people.

Peter Vandael, guest speaker  about ergonomic guitars


Peter Vandael, immersed himself in ergonomic adjustments with guitars for professional musicians to give better posture and smoother playability. He is willing to express his lecture how he came to where he got it from, what he was coming customize how musicians react to and deal with it. For musicians, instrument makers and other interested parties not to miss.

See you 14.00 u

Can guitaar


No studio without builders … Therefore we have for young aspiring builders (B/G and mums / dads) a kit designed to stabbing each own gitaarke. Not just one, but with a beverage can as a sound box. So you can easily change it at home. By November 27 they are available and can with a tinkering under supervision in another. To 16.00. you can on the stage show your talents with bluesman Jacques Léonard.

Appointment during the day to make it
Appointment Free Podium Tin Blues to 16.00

free Picks

Do you have an expired credit card or loyalty card … bring them along and we make a plectrum, as it can with your name on it or the chip from your bank it.


HOPUS – Hand Made Only Pop Up Store for hand mader instruments


This year we don’t organize Hopus, no organized marketing of instruments, basically because of lack of place.

BUT builders are invited to show their instruments on the open house here to the public, and even to provide a full explanation to interested parties. Above or first contact to arrange.

Repairs and Music Fund

Do you have an old instrument or an instrument that is no longer playable, and you had like to repair it? Bring it with you that day. Someone can look at it and make a quick judgment whether and how it can be repaired.

Would you let the instrument lost but not lost, you can donate it to Music Fund, an organization that will learn recover ancient instruments in developing countries, that founds workshops  and gives training to restore them or new build. You can bring them in here and we pass them on to Music Fund. Info at Open House.

Mode- en naaiatelier Kornelia


Kornelia receive ALL anyone interested in her studio to show the possibilities she has to offer. From a simple retouching on repairs to the most sophisticated customization. For events, parties, women, men, children …. boxing outfits, styling assignments for photo shoots, your own ideas or do you want to try a design … Come discover and ask your questions. Even clothes are welcome to look around and to satisfy itself that Kornelia can do for you.

Anneke Delissen


Women are also extra pampering this edition. Besides the fashion studio this year Anneke Delissen of the party with jewelry with glass material. Jewelry are a part of her work, in addition to “suncatchers’ lamps and other glass objects with” Tiffany Technique “and other glass application techniques. Anneke come specially from Utrecht and gives an international character to this day.

Andere Ambachten

Our passion for Crafts is so great that we have four extra artisans invited to this open atelierdag. 2 glass artists, a wood turner and a furniture designer.

Hilde en Lutgart, 2 Glaskunstenaars


Last year Lutgart shows her creations, and this year also comes Hilde with her honored art of  all the Antwerp art academies.

Dirk Poelemans, wood turner

Dirk is back in action with its impressive wood wisp show. What we can not use to make instruments recovers as fungi, animals, bowls, snowmen or other use or ornament objects. A Moment to provide you with Christmas gifts.


Sam De Weerdt

As a furniture designer – builder, he developed a number of models seating, which have found their way to our workshop this ambachtendag. Not right tools but wood, and for this we have a weakness.

And we’re not going home yet

Two more things before we go home: a performance by the free podium and a drink.

Free Podium

No instruments without music, therefore a platform to try out one or another instrument to the public. Who can play are invited to show his talents for the microphone, in exchange for a Hellegat-bierke at Bokaal. The Can guitars made that day can support the cans blues,  by Jacques Leonard

Afspraak 16.00 u Blikkenblues




Bokaal stands for snacks and drinks in jars. They are also the party to quench the Bokaal, while the partner is still looking, no better comfort than a local “artisanal” brewed beer or a refreshing cocktail in a Bokaal of Bokaal.

17:00 to close the tent, then the next year.

 See you on 27 november?


The STRinGstruments WorXhop Concept

In the magazine of the HCTO (Wood Center for Technical Education) published an article about the concept of STRinGstruments WorXhop. HCTO is an association dedicated to the collection and of kwoledge around wood. The center offers packages wood samples, gives lectures, publishes books, company visits, all related to timber.


Download: The STRinGstruments WorXhop Concept


New in STRingStruments WorXhop

Thickness Sander 

As part of the ongoing expansion and optimization of the workshop, we recently got a nice addition. An orbital sander JET Jet 22-44 with a width of 560 mm.  A front and back cover go through it without problem. A nice addition. Adjustable to 1.8mm if you must!

new01 jet22-44
JET22-44+, the big brother between the small sanders, in the middle of our STRinGstruments WorXhop.

Side bender, a new addition.

Side Bender

Ivo Vrancken is the first workshop User who has used a CO Project formula. This is a project where a User works in cooperation with STRinGstruments WorXhop and creates a added value to the workshop. In this case, a Side Bender” . With this formula the User don’t paid for the use of the workshop,because  his contribution is the added value for STRinGstruments, in this case a second “side benderfor the studio.

Ivo Vrancken
Co-Project Met Ivo Vrancken,
Bending Ivo
Bending Ivo
Lieven Bonnaerens
Lieven Bonnaerens
eerste resultaat bender
Eerste test, uitstekend!!


Under Construxion
Under Construxion

Furthermore, we are working on several fronts to optimize. So material is purchased for the spray booth, a whopper of a polishing machine which still needs some renovation, compressed air and vacuümciruits are under construction.

Thanks to the WorXhop builders for the efforts of the last 2 years: Noud and Bram.