Build your own BANJOLELE

We build a ‘Banjolele’ with partially prepared parts. That is actually a small banjo with 4 strings and a ukulele tuning. This is a worXhop for young people up to the age of 18, young people develop their skills in making a musical instrument, and they can discover whether they also want to play music.


eenBANJOLELE is een cominatie van een UKULELE en een BANJO

We start from a tambourine without bubbles or a ‘frame drum’, finishing off a rough neck to a finished neck with frets, a bridge and a comb. Then we assemble the neck and the tuners and we have a real Banjolele. This way we learn all the details that are important for a string instrument. Of course we learn to play a piece of music. No more fun experience than playing on your own built instrument.


This worXhop is given externally, not in STRinGstruments WorXhop, but in the Cultureel Centrum Terdilft in Bornem – Sint-Amandsesteenweg 41-43 – 2880 Bornem – Belgium.


This WorXop is accompanied by Lieven Bonnaerens, designer and builder of stringed instruments, from the workshop STRinGstruments WorXhop in Reet

Lieven aan het werk


for young people aged 8-18 years
Mon-Tue-Wed 8-9-10 April 2019 from 9 am to 5 pm.


€ 75 + € 40 for the materials

For € 115 the children have learned how a stringed instrument works, how you build it, how it works and learn to play music on it, all in 3 days time. An incredible experience.

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