No “Place to bewithout people with good reasons to be here of course!
Well, lots of good reasons

Do you want to build musical instruments?

You’re at the right place. The core business of STRinGstruments WorXhop is building instruments. Are you skilled at building instruments, you are welcome to build them in the workshop, experimenting, producing, adjusting, repairing… The STRinGstruments WorXhop is all yours.

You are a musician and you just know what instrument you want!

No musical instruments without musicians. Builders would be delighted to sell their quality “handmade” instruments to the best musicians, also therefor now here The place to be” for you.

You are a musician and you want something else?

Maybe you already lost in the many shops with musical instruments, just curious about the ultimate? Maybe you will be surprised when you are playing a real “handmade” instrument, which are so rare in those stores??

You’re as well musician as well you want to have your own homemade instrument?

Two good reasons “To be on the Place to build”. If you have handy hands, but no the experience to build an instrument? STRinGstruments WorXhop offers you a nice solution.

If you have a problem with an instrument?

If you have a valuable stringed instrument, a guitar, banjo, mandolin With a problem … Do you go to the music store?

Are you just curious?

… To whatever that has to do with stringed instruments, music, wood, tools, parts or crafts… STRinGstruments WorXop remains the place to be.

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