Build the guitar of your dreams


The handmade guitar of your dreams quickly costs several thousand euros, but you are handy enough to build them with the necessary guidance in a professional workshop. Really handmade, you’re not going to know what you hear.

Choose your instrument

Of course, the guitar of your dreams of course, brand and type play no role, you choose. Acoustic guitars such as classical, steelstring or archtop, another instrument, mandolin, banjo … or an electric guitar. Together we look for a plan or you draw one and start building.

benedetto compilatie

Or you let your creativity free and do not make conventional choices in terms of model, materials and details. Then choose the woods, not tropical wood or use a valuable plank mahogany or rosewood from an old piece of furniture, special details.


Guidance takes 14 Saturdays from mid-September to mid-December, and from mid-February to the end of May. During that period you can continue to work autonomously in the studio on other days of the week. Molds are made by us so that you do not have to spend any time on them. They remain the property of STRingStruments WorXhop.


Of these instruments we already have a number of molds: classical guitar own model, Torres, Martin OM, Martin model # 1, Benedetto 17 “archtop, for other models we make new molds.


The guidance costs € 800, plus the materials. For that you have 14 days of guidance and as many days of studio use as needed to finish your instrument.

strook healstring studenten

Een ultieme ervaringen om je eigen instrument te bouwen, volledig handmatig, licht gebouwd met gepersonaliseerde details.