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Simpelbas is an idea by Ralf Ruysink, enthusiastic builder of non-conventional instruments to be able to ping himself. The desire to easily build a (contra) bass with cheap materials brought him to the name … Simpelbass

Ralf Ruysink

Ralf Ruysink

As the name says, Simpelbas, just simple to make. What skill is sufficient. The materials are simple and cheap and it is made quickly, convenient to carry, no suitcase required … so simple. It does not have the acoustic allures of a real double bass, but in a simple way amplified it is a decent bass.


22 September information day in workshop STRinGstruments + make registrations final
29 September to inform interested parties about whether or not to continue workshops via mail. In case of continuation, the invoice will also be sent.
13 October technical info day and introductory participants – design skills, materials and tool knowledge, basic knowledge of physical principles sound formation, basic knowledge of simple electronics
In the spring of 2019 workshops start (4 weekends minimum)

Price and services

If you have made your enrollment definitely by means of an advance of E 50, – (it will be refunded if there are unfortunately too few participants to sign up permanently) a technical information day will follow on 13 October, see timetable for global content. Coffee, tea and lunch are included. You will then go home with the necessary basic knowledge to start building in the spring of 2019!

The workshops are on at least 4 consecutive weekends, final times and dates are still sent by mail. In addition to the advance payment (covering the costs of the technical info day) you pay € 400, – for 4 weekends. You can be sure that you will be sweet for several weekends … Tea, coffee and soft drinks are included. Consumables such as glue, tape, screws and nails etc. are also included. Also included is of course the guidance by at least one of us …


On (reasonable) stock are simple tuning screws (not for basses), various types and qualities of plywood and plywood, cheap string sets, wood for necks etc. With purchase price + 10% storage is counted (call it handling costs …), simple electronics ( piezo contact elements, shielded wire, chassis parts). For (hard) wood the current cubic price applies, for panel material the m2 price or unit price (minimum purchase 60 x 60 cm = 0.36 m2)


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