Build your own BLITAAR

This is a worXhop for young people up to the age of 14, children develop their skills in making a musical instrument, and they can discover whether they also want to play music.
During this BLITAAR workshop we will work with a construction package of a BLIkgiTAAR, which is an instrument based on a 33 cl beverage tin as a sound box and 2 strings, also other preserving cans with certain dimensions fit into the instrument and give a different sound, flexible with room for creativity. Then we learn to play a tune.


In building this BLITAAR we learn all the principles of a string instrument. We place frets in the right place so that we can play a different tone by pressing the strings. Then we assemble the tuners in the right way so that we can tighten the strings. Then we assemble the top comb, the bridge and the strings.


This worXhop is given externally, not in STRinGstruments WorXhop, but in the Cultural Center Terdilft in Bornem – Sint-Amandsesteenweg 41-43 – 2880 Bornem – Belgian


For young people aged 8-14 years
Mon 29 Oct. 2018 from 9 am to 5 pm.


The guidance costs € 25 for this day and the construction package also € 25, For € 50 the children have learned how a string instrument looks into each other, how it works and learn to play music on it, all in one day.

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folder bouwen blikgitaar TERDILFT