WorXhop  Users

WorXhop Users are builders who have to work on a regular basis in the STRinGstruments studio. We would like to give these users a forum to present their activities to the outside world, and also the activity of the STRinGstruments worXhop entirely natural.

A builder that makes about 15 days annual use of the WorXhop, 1 to 2 times a month around, we see as a regular user, as a “WorXhop User”.

WorXhop Users who wish to have on one page expanded their doings publish their ID, their favorite instrument, what they build, how to build beautiful pictures of their instruments, tools they remember tips that they give or questions they have, and especially the tools they offer for sale, of course.

Users who come to work sporadically are able to be  published on the site, what they are doing specific and possibly offered instruments for sale.