STRinGstruments WorXhop in Belgium is a unique concept for musical instruments. Build your acoustic guitar, violin, electric guitar, viola da gamba, lute, mandolin, banjo or other stringed instrument , The workshop is available to you. For a daily fee you can work up to 12 hours to your musical instruments. Below you can read rates and how the process works.

Builders who come to work in STRinGstruments WorXhop know the craft. Of course builders can support each other on a voluntary basis, give advice and help. Before a builder’s commitment is training in the safe use of machinery and tools.

Each user has his own toolbox with the most common and widely used tools. Another specific and less common tools are shared.

The workshop can be used every day from 8 am to 8 pm. The minimum number of days as “WorXhop User” per calendar year is 15 days use, at a price of 300 €, about 20 € per day. The table below gives an overview of the degressive rates for more days per year. Half days are possible in a block of 4 hours maximum. Between 15 December and 15 January the workshop is closed, then everything is maintained and finalized.


You choose a number of days per year where an amount is paid in advance. At the end of the year, this amount may be adjusted when you are in a different category. The more days you used the lower the daily rate.

Amount of days/year Total price Price/day
333 (permanent) € 1340,- € 4
100 € 800,- € 8
50 € 500,- € 10
30 € 450,- € 15
20 € 360,- € 18
15 € 300,- € 20