STRinGstruments WorXhop is a workshop where luthiers can build their own musical instruments. The worshop is currently equipped with twenty machines and tools for building various instruments. 8 people can work simultaneously on their instruments.

Core business is building

STRinGstruments WorXhop is a workshop where luthiers can come to build their own instruments. We are continuously working on the best possible equipment of the studio, with the aim of different types of instruments to build an efficient manner.

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STRinGstruments WorXhop is equipped with a number of small and large machines, and lutherie tools, which enable builders to build efficient instruments.

Hand made as Trade mark?

Besides building instruments, it is also the intention to step outsite as a group in order to create more atmosphere around “Handmade instruments”. “WorXhop users” who want to participate in it.