You get lost already in the shops with musical instruments, just curious about the ultimate? Maybe we will surprise you when playing a real “handmade” instrument, which are so rare in those stores?

FLEX+ID 1 Lieven Bonnaerens Stringstruments worxhop

FLEX+ID 1 Lieven Bonnaerens Stringstruments worxhop

En jawel, vaak maar tegen een prijs die je vlot betaalt voor een fabrieksinstrument van een bekend merk!… The place to be, ook voor jou met een eigen wil of speciale ideeën.

Or you will be amazed by the wishes that you can appoint one for you personally made instrument?

Wood, scale, additional snares, tuners, custom action or width of the neck, color … Or think assured itself something special, like a piece of wood from an heirloom, a personal touch, your name or logo on the head, or incorporated in the fingerboard…

And yes, but often at a price that you pay for a factory instrument of a well-known brand! The place to be, even for you with its own special wishes or ideas.

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