The place to be

No “Place to be” without people with good reasons to be here of course! Well, lots of good reasons … Do you want to build musical instruments? You’re at the right place. The core business of STRinGstruments WorXhop is building


The place to build

STRinGstruments WorXhop is a workshop where luthiers can build their own musical instruments. The worshop is currently equipped with twenty machines and tools for building various instruments. 8 people can work simultaneously on their instruments. Core business is building STRinGstruments WorXhop is a workshop


The place to buy

The place to buy   In STRinGstruments WorXhop you can not only work or watch, the idea is that you also can buy interesting objects, instruments, tools etx, for both instrument builders and musicians. This service has yet developed, but we hope to create nice

Opendeurdag ---> Zondag 17 november 2019

Zondag 17 november 2019, opendeurdag bij STRinGstruments WorXhop in Reet, Dag van d Ambachten. Muziekinstrumenten, en andere ambachten, Free poium, Ambachtelijke bier....


2de Workshop " maak zelf je eigen gitaar" begint op zaterdag 18 januari tot eind juni 2020 bij STRinGstruments WorXhop

Maak zelf het instrument van je dromen, onder begeleiding in 6 maanden , met 18 dagen begeleiding, in een professioneel atelier


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